Next Dumpsta Players Show: 2-18-2015

Sucky 70's

“Sucky 70’s 2”

The Dumpsta Players channel the decade of sex, cheap pot and 8-tracks! It’s the worst of the worst rock, country, pop & disco music with goofy stories, bad singing and no rap. See the Guitar Gods of Rock and get high in the Chevy Van!

When: Wednesday February 18, 2015. Doors open: 10 pm, show starts: 11 pm
Where: Bob & Barbara’s Lounge (1509 South Street, Philadelphia)

A portion of proceeds benefit Philly AIDS Thrift.

Philly AIDS Thrift’s goal is to sell the lovely, useful, interesting, amusing, and sometimes mysterious stuff generous people donate to their thrift store and then distribute the proceeds to local organizations involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS.